Listen For the Messages! Vacation Recap.

Posted on April 16, 2014

I’ve been staring at my computer for a good amount of time now, unsure of how to begin this blog, or what exactly to write. I want to tell you about my vacation along the infamous Highway 1 in California. I planned on writing about the healthy food I ate, but somehow, the message I want to share has grown into something more.

I will mention the food, because as a health coach, it’s my duty to help you understand the benefits of eating healthy and nutritiously. California does it right. When I’m home and I’m going out to eat, I never go anywhere without checking the menu online first. Sometimes, this is an hour-long process, deciphering if there is a dish I can and want to eat, and how I will have to alter it to fit my food allergies.

Not so in California! Everywhere we spontaneously visited for a meal, whether it was fast food, a beach café or a fancy restaurant, I found gluten-free, dairy-free options without a problem. The beach café sold a quinoa salad and coconut water! You certainly won’t find that at any of Lake Michigan’s beaches here in Chicago. Just burgers, hot dogs and French fries. In California, everything is fresh, local and produce-driven. We need to bring more of that philosophy HERE!

As the week went by, I stopped thinking about food. I stopped stressing about when my next meal would be, and what it would be, and if I could find food that would keep my body happy and healthy. This blew my mind, because at home, I think about food all the time. I have to. If I eat something that doesn’t settle well with my body, it could spark an ulcerative colitis flare, or just a bad case of digestion. It felt like a week in heaven to just live my life, moment by moment, knowing that when it was time to eat, there would be healthy options for me.

By not having food on my mind, or work, or stress, it gave way to so many other possibilities! That is the direction this blog is really meant to take. I don’t talk about spirituality much here, because I don’t want to freak anyone out or steer anyone away. It’s a touchy subject for many, unfortunately. But it’s a subject that more people should be talking about, because it’s one of our primary foods.

After reading many books and experiencing this firsthand, I truly believe that we are sent messages and signs on a daily basis that help guide us through life. Whether these messages are from God, or passed loved ones, or our own souls or consciousness, I do not know. Maybe it’s a combination.

Think of a time when something coincidental happened in your life. You thought about someone, and then they called you. You look at the clock and see the same dang number almost every day. You run into someone that looks familiar to you, or who you feel connected to, even though you’ve never met.

I believe that when these things happen, they hold messages behind them. They are signs, helping to guide you down life’s path. But usually, we’re so bogged down by daily tasks and stresses, that we’re distracted away from them.

Well, on this trip, where I ate like a health coach queen and had everything fall into perfect place every day that I was there (and that doesn’t happen often in my life!), I was able to pick up on the energies around me, and to the synchronicities, coincidences and messages. It was powerful.

The best part is that I still possess a feeling of peace and zen now that I’m home, and I’m still noticing the messages being sent. Chances are, as more time goes by, I will become more distracted with daily stresses again, and I will miss some of these messages. But, maybe not! Maybe this was the turning point for me, and I will continue to stay more aware of the present moment.

How about you? What will your turning point be?

My advice is that if you can’t take a vacation, try a staycation! Find a peaceful place near your home, ideally outside in nature, and leave all of your technology at home. (Of course, find a place that is safe to go alone or with a friend.) Just sit in that setting and listen to your thoughts. Then, let go of those thoughts and just pay attention to your surroundings. Do this as often as possible.

With time, you will become more aware, more present, and more open to the messages that are sent your way.

Have you received a message? Noticed a sign? Share in the comments! I’d love to hear.


Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

Loved reading this! I also love that you are feeling more connected to the energies around us, there has been a big shift in the last 2-3 years. I, too, feel very connected and have been awakened to the possibility that I might be a medium of sorts. I used to think I was crazy, for years, picking up on other peoples feelings/emotions/presence. Now that I look at it like a gift and an amazing ability I can let the emotions around me go.
Last weekend I went to a Body, Mind and Spirit celebration here in the springs and I had my energies healed (holy cow!) and my fortune painted/told. I discovered that there A LOT of people who are starting to feel this way. Makes me smile just thinking about it :)
Woops! Sorry, didn't mean to write you a novel. Hahaha
What was you favorite moment/experience and what is this Highway 1? Never heard of it.

Submitted by For the Health of It (not verified) on

Hi Nicole! That is so great that you are feeling more connected, too. I think that more and more people are, but sometimes, we need a vacation or something to help us focus all of our attentions. Highway 1 is a two-lane road that extends all along the coast of California. It's BEAUTIFUL. I highly recommend it!

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